Friday, June 18, 2010

The Beginning (sort of)

Every day is a challenge in this life. God gives us new and exciting paths to take. Many times these paths take us where we never thought that we would go.

Several years ago my husband and I were well on our way to becoming empty Nestors. With two jobs between us we were not rich by worldly standards but we were able to go out to dinner when we wanted, get our kids nice gifts for special occasions and do home improvements. We had a 21 year old son still living at home and our daughter was 14. We were done with having to worry about getting babysitters if we wanted to go out.

One day in early November 2005 everything changed. A little girl was born 8 weeks premature. Her parents were not able to take care of her and within weeks we were asked to take her into our home. 6 weeks later the beautiful 5 pound girl came to live with us. A short 6 months later her 4 siblings came to live with us as well. Our lives were turned upside down within a matter of months.

Now 4 years later with half the salary, our lives are sustained only by God. He certainly showed us how much we needed Him. Many days I wonder how we are able to still survive financially but somehow it all works out.

Every day is a new day and the kids are growing and learning. The struggles of raising the children have been many. It is hard for a husband and wife to raise their own children in this world and new challenges arise when you add more people to the mix. After 23 years, my husband and I have learned to communicate with great success but 4 years ago added my brother in to that mix.

My faith has grown by having to rely so heavily on my creator and I don't believe that I would change a thing. Would I have chosen this life for myself? Probably not but then again, what I think I need in life is not always the best thing for me and many times what I would choose is not His plan for me.

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